2016 Clambake Society Scholarship! Winner!

Congratulations to Marie Sandstrom*, winner of the 2016 Clambake Society Scholarship!

Once again, the patterns in applications were hard to ignore. All but one person chose Column B, no one took the easy option of comparing and contrasting “Fargo vs Fargo“, and a reader could be left with the distinct impression that haiku is an ancient Japanese art of describing sporting events. Several of the applications were very good, but Marie’s stood out above all the rest. All her answers were excellent, and painted a clear picture of someone both intriguing and full of intrigue. Marie, here’s hoping your answers to the last two questions don’t come true, because both Rhinelander and your country need you.

Thanks again to everybody!

Yes, this post was backdated, but backdated from when? The mystery shall never be revealed!
* Many apologies, we had the name wrong on this site for months. Our internal winner announcement went out with “Maria” on it, and we made the mistake of copying from that email rather than going back to the source. Congratulations, MARIE!