2017! Clambake Society Scholarship Winner!

Congratulations to Shelby Kuehn, our 2017 winner!

As we mentioned before, this was the most difficult decision we’ve had in a long time, and for positive reasons. Each judge votes based on their own criteria, but the consensus was that five different applicants had the best submissions for at least one of the eight questions. A couple of the runners-up had some of the finest single answers we’ve ever received.

Shelby’s application was solid from start to finish, but her original creation was uniquely moving and took us to places we’ve never been in our years of judging. She’s going to UW-Stevens Point next year to study education, and we’re sure her future students will be lucky to have her. Congratulations, Shelby. We wish you the best in the future. And thanks to all the 2017 applicants for a very memorable year!