2017 Year-End Fundraiser!

Get your eyes checked, because you are, in fact, seeing double! Hot on the heels of our successful 2016 fundraising campaign, Bare Bones* (Email) Blast 2016, comes the most hotly anticipated email of the year: Email Blast 2017: The Copy-Pastening. Our original idea for a new 2017 fundraiser did not come to fruition this year, but we continue to work on that idea and other new ideas behind the scenes, while also revisiting old ones. Watch this space for more info…

As always, we’d like thank everybody who has contributed in the past. With your help, we’ve collected more than $30,000 for awesome RHS graduates, and given scholarships to 12 of them. Your support means a lot to us, because giving back, and remaining connected to Rhinelander, mean so much to us.

But without further ado, we’d like to direct you to the hardest working page on this site, the “Donate” page. While the 2018 tax code may end up being very different, your 2017 donations will still be tax deductible for sure. Receipts will be emailed to donors in January. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

* as we understand it, “half-assed” is not considered safe for polite conversation, so we’re not going to say that, even though “Half-Assed Email Blast” has such a nice ring to it.