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2015 Clambake Society Scholarship Winner!

Congratulations to Zach Schreiber, our 2015 winner! This was the best contest in recent memory, and a couple of our runners-up might even have had better responses to single questions, but Zach’s application was great from start to finish. He managed to perfectly appeal to our selection committee’s taste in movies, and (bizarrely but truly) his mastery of the plausible superlative won out in the end. And as anybody who knows him probably already knows, he rocks.

Congratulations, Zach, and we wish we’d had the chance to give you the award in person.

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Winner to be announced at RHS Scholarship Ceremony!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Local Small-but-international scholarship foundation to announce 2015 scholarship winner at the RHS 28th Annual Local Scholarship Ceremony

The winner has been chosen (4 weeks ago)! But will not actually be announced in this post!

Thanks again to everybody for the great applications. This was easily one of our best groups of applicants, and we were thrilled at how hard it was to choose a winner. We would have loved to give it to at least three people.

More info after the big reveal on Sunday.

Well, Sure, if You're Into Canyons

2015 Applications Closed (3 weeks ago)! Fundraiser rescheduled! But not actually scheduled yet.

More applications this year! They look great! A couple more people chose Column A than Column B, which reveals something deep about your psychology that we can’t tell you. But the people who chose the other way understand, so ask them if you think you’re ready to know. Seriously, thanks for your applications. This is the fun part for us, and they’re great so far.

We’ve typically announced the winner shortly before the RHS Awards night, because our fundraiser dinner has been the night before. This year, we’ve rescheduled the fundraiser for the fall (specific date not decided yet), and we haven’t decided exactly when to announce the scholarship winner. It will be Awards night at the latest, but may be as early as April 20th. Watch this space if you feel like it!

2014 Clambake Society Scholarship Winner!

This was the image she put on her application. Not taking yourself too seriously: ++
This was the image she put on her application. Not taking yourself too seriously: ++

Congratulations to Ashley Bredeson, the 2014 recipient of the Clambake Society Scholarship! Of all the applicants who inexplicably mentioned Miley Cyrus, her Miley Cyrus reference was the best! Seriously, her winning application showed an impressive dramatic flair and we had a feeling that if we picked her, she would pretend to be named Amber at the awards ceremony. And we were not disappointed! Congratulations, Ashley, and good luck.

2013 Clambake Society Scholarship Winner!

This just in (several months ago)! The winner of the 2013 Clambake Society Scholarship is Kimberly J McCormick! She had an awesome take on the “something you’re not proud of” story, and was brave enough to choose to be a dead parent of a tortured superhero. Download the 2013 application if you want more explanation of this, but it’s probably more fun just to wonder. Anyway, congratulations, Kim!