2014 Clambake Society Scholarship Winner!

This was the image she put on her application. Not taking yourself too seriously: ++
This was the image she put on her application. Not taking yourself too seriously: ++

Congratulations to Ashley Bredeson, the 2014 recipient of the Clambake Society Scholarship! Of all the applicants who inexplicably mentioned Miley Cyrus, her Miley Cyrus reference was the best! Seriously, her winning application showed an impressive dramatic flair and we had a feeling that if we picked her, she would pretend to be named Amber at the awards ceremony. And we were not disappointed! Congratulations, Ashley, and good luck.

2013 Clambake Society Scholarship Winner!

This just in (several months ago)! The winner of the 2013 Clambake Society Scholarship is Kimberly J McCormick! She had an awesome take on the “something you’re not proud of” story, and was brave enough to choose to be a dead parent of a tortured superhero. Download the 2013 application if you want more explanation of this, but it’s probably more fun just to wonder. Anyway, congratulations, Kim!

Glenn Lundin, 1944 – 2012

We’ve recently lost someone very important to us. Glenn Lundin, father to Clambake Society founder Korey, father figure to all of us, died peacefully on November 24, surrounded by his family. Without Glenn, the Clambake Society wouldn’t exist, and we’d probably be little more than some people who knew each other in high school. We’ll miss his humor and his generosity, knowing that “make yourself at home” was never just a saying to him, and knowing that there was always someone looking out for us. A memorial is being established in his name, and any donations received before the end of January 2013 will be applied to this memorial. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the Lundin family, and we’re honored that they chose to direct friends and family to our site. For a full obituary and funeral arrangements, please visit the Carlson Funeral Service website.


We are pleased to announce that Michelle Huttunen won the 2011 Clambake Society Scholarship! While the group of applicants was by far the best we’ve received, Michelle’s application was consistently awesome from start to finish (you don’t know how hard it was to not capitalize “finish” and use 2 n’s, but we’re all better off this way). Check out the 2012 application to see one of the several great things she gave us on her application (the question in “Section Five”). Thanks to everyone, and we wish you all the best. We wish we could have given scholarships to many more of you.