2018! Winner!

Announcing! The 2018 winner of the Clambake Society Scholarship is Colton Krueger! The first future college athlete we’ve selected (as far as we were told, anyway!) (football at Hillsdale!), the creation he wrote about was also in the area of athletics! Frisbee baseball looks fun all around, but the diagram is what really sold us. […]

2018 Scholarship Season! Is over!

Thanks for another great year, everybody! Lots of good applications, and the choice between the final three was pretty tough! Winner to be announced RHS Scholarship Night as usual! Fun fact about exclamation points! Our second application, in 2008, featured these “questions”: Write a mundane anecdote and make it exciting through the magic of punctuation!!! […]

2017! Fundraiser! Planning Underway!

Planning is underway for our (hopefully) big and gigantic 2017 fundraiser event in Rhinelander. It’s far too soon to actually announce the event, because there are many moving parts and many different ways it could go when starting a brand new endeavor like this. What we can say (but not “announce”) is that we’re working […]

2016 Fundraising Update!!

Many thanks to everybody who pitched in for our bare bones 2016 email blast fundraiser! We continue to be overwhelmed by your generosity, particularly in helping out for our first PayPal-only fundraising “event” when even the sales pitch isn’t very exciting. Thanks to you, in let’s say “a few short days during the hectic holiday […]

2016 Year-End Fundraiser!

We’ve got big plans for something very new for 2017, but we haven’t had an official fundraiser for 2016 yet (the raffle was actually 2015’s fundraiser, despite the date of the drawing). As such, with little fanfare, but a couple email blasts, we’re requesting PayPal donations to keep the lights on at Clambake Society Scholarship […]